DC Randonneurs Annual Meeting and Populaire

A blessedly warm January day, clear skies and light winds made for a pleasant little RUSA Populaire on Saturday, before the D.C. Randonneurs annual meeting.

See more photos at my Flickr page.

We all had a nice ride to Hyattsville, Md., and to Poolesville for lunch before returning to Glen Echo for the meeting, pizza, snacks and camaraderie. MG and I bought our very first populaire pins!

Congratulations to the DCR Board, President Nick Bull and RBA Bill Beck for their excellent stewardship of our club and its resources. Thanks also for lowering the already-low entry fees!

Bill also directed us to take a look at the the Paris-Brest-Paris 2011 brochure. Registration will be ordered by the longest brevet completed in 2010, starting with a 1000K (or 1200K), then 600K, on down the list to 200K. We still have to learn how many slots the USA will be awarded — brevets ridden in 2010 will decide.


2 thoughts on “DC Randonneurs Annual Meeting and Populaire

  1. Enjoyed the meeting gang and the presentation (“Socks…” and the handcrafted certificates) was hysterical. Good meeting all the other members.

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