Back in the Saddle — With a lot of Rust

We finally got back out on the tandem Saturday after missing three straight weekends to snow and travel. That’s a month stuck in the gym and pool, which is not all bad. But we have had to get by with just a few miles here and there around town since the massive snow dumps of earlier this month.

See the rest of our photos from the day at my Flickr page.

We pondered joining our friends who decided to take adantage of the sunny weather and mostly cleared roads of the Mid-Atlantic to keep their R-12 streaks going, but decided we were not in good enough shape to enjoy 200K.

Instead, we opted for a mere century and returned to our close-in start at Glen Echo, Md. and rode familiar roads out to Brunswick, Md. for lunch. We saw only a few riders along the way, but as we got close to lunch we caught up to longtime area touring and randonneuring riders John F. and Lynne R. They joined us for lunch which was a nice treat.

After lunch we struggled with tired legs, though we got a huge boost from a couple who gave us a big waves and thumbs up from their car. It was such a nice treat!

With the 200K we completed last month, a 200K this weekend would have set me (and MG) up nicely for my first R-12 and her second. Getting January and February completed seems to be the big hurdle. But after riding for a few years now it’s clear to us that we’re more motivated by the super randonneur series and preparation for the PA Randonneurs 1000K. To our R-12 buddies, our hats are off to you!


2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle — With a lot of Rust

  1. Hey Guys – There’s still one more weekend left in the month – don’t give up on that R-12 just yet. Barb and I are heading to Richmond for NAHBS Saturday then back to DC area for Nick B.’s newly listed Wilderness Trail permanent Sunday. Love to have some company…

    Ron A.

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