Spring is here and we’re finally riding.

It’s been more than a month since my last post, and that says a lot about how much long distance riding we’ve managed in March.

We’re all trying to spend time with our families, do our best at work and find time to get out on the bike. Sometimes the best plans to ride, and ride lots, have to get set aside. You know how it goes, I’m sure.

MG got out for a solo century with our riding buddies in early March, and we’ve both managed to bag short rides before and after work on the many sunny weekdays we’ve had this month. We had a big goal of riding back-to-back centuries on the 13th and 14th, but that weekend saw a coastal rain storm dump buckets on the mid-Atlantic.

We forced ourselves out for a century in the rain on Sunday the 14th, only to break a seatpost part eight miles into the ride. We made it back to the car on a temporary fix, but having driven an hour from home, the day was shot. That was a low point.

MG not happy about the rain
John and Cindy, with Andrew, were also out for their own rainy training.

Still, It’s hard to complain about not getting enough miles. Life is full and busy for us these days. MG completed her latest marathon run last weekend, on her birthday to boot. Way to go MG! We have good jobs, itself a minor miracle in my case. I’m on my third job in the last 15 months after my last two newspaper employers laid off staff.

This job is a total rush. I’m one of two writers and two editors of Energy Guardian, a subscriber-only energy and climate news wire targeted at policy professionals. We email twice-daily editions and post them on a password protected web site. Get this…we’re growing. We work our tails off at all hours of the day and night, and it’s a blast. I just have to choose between sleep and everything else I’d like to do sometimes.

With everything going on, we’ve changed our brevet plans because we accepted an invitation to join a fleche team this year. It will be our first fleche together on tandem! To make it happen, however, we had come up with a new schedule, which included giving up one of the D.C. Randonneurs 300K brevets to ride the fleche weekend instead.

Then we lost that training weekend two weeks ago. We’ve decided to complete a 155-mile fleche training ride on Saturday and skip the DCR 200K. It’s our only weekend to ride long and still show up for the DCR 200K on April 10th in Warrenton, Va., which is our favorite. Hopefully the dogwood will bloom a little early for us. We’ll miss the energy of the first spring brevet, though.

If you’ve had a hard time getting it together this year, we hear you. Spring has sprung, the cherry trees are budding, and we’re going out riding with friends this weekend. All is well.

More miles after work on Hains Point.
Cherry Blossoms. Welcome back!

3 thoughts on “Spring is here and we’re finally riding.

  1. I’m glad your back. I missed the posts for the last month. Congratulations on your vocational success and to Mary for her marathon.

    I completed the 1st ever Brevet in Korea last weekend, ridng Lothar’s Chiri Mountain Delight 200K. I had the companionship of Lothar and Ulie to get me through it. Lothar, Ulie, and Jan Boostra completed a 300k this weekend. I will join Lothar, Ulie and hopefully a couple Japanese fellows for a 400K next weekend. Funny, all these Brevets in Korea and not a Korean participating. Mabe next year.

    1. Great to hear from you, Russ. I’d love a story about your brevet there. Maybe a blog to advertise your rides would get some local riders? Take care and stay in touch.

  2. There’s a guy named Jan Boostra from the Netherlands who’s lived in Korea for 16 years.


    He’s a serious cyclist who’s made a constant effort at finding a Korean to ride with. In all those years of effort including stories in local media, he is yet to find a anyone.

    Regardless, 1 German, 2 Japanese, and 2 Americans completed the first ever 400K in Korea this weekend, The day was spectacular but the night was cold (-2 celcius at 0530). Pictures and fulll sroty will be available soon.

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