A ‘date ride’ to a classy lunch in the Virginia countryside

With the D.C. Randonneurs 400K approaching this weekend, MG and I decided to put in an easier century on Saturday. We went again to Warrenton, Va., to ride the Sivanova Century, a mellow ride by Crista Borras that stays on rolling hills to the west and south. It was named by the co-owner of this blog, who needs to remind me how it came to be. Jon?

See the rest of our photos here.

We tried this century in March, only to turn back after eight miles when MG’s seat post partially broke and we had to return to the car — all in the rain. This time the weather was sunny and warm with a dry wind blowing from the north. We had a derailleur pulley go bad on us, making shifting a little unreliable, but it held to the end.

We made a date of it by stopping for a long lunch, with dessert, at the quiet Inn at Kelly’s Ford. The inn’s friendly cats kept us company on the patio and we all watched as the groom, groomsmen and somebody’s dad milled around in their tuxedos waiting for a wedding to get underway. They tried not to notice us in our cycling clothes! Later we saw a wing-walker on a biplane zooming around the Fauquier County Airport. That was a first for us both.

As you may have guessed by now, we’re not always chomping at the bit to ride with a brevet card. Sometimes we prefer to ignore the clock and make a day of it. This was one of those days!


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