Clint Provenza’s DCR 600K

Clint Provenza, one of the leaders of the Severna Park Peloton group, posted this report to the club’s email list and graciously agreed to allow us to re-publish here on TDR. In addition, fellow Severna Park rider Chip Adams posted photos of their ride.  Find them here.  Thanks, guys!

Clint, third from left, with Andrea, Greg and Bob C. at the DCR 400K.

First, here’s the big picture: that shows were we went and the details of our ride. Due to operator error, I didn’t have the GPS recorder running for 11 miles on Sunday morning, but our total was 381 miles with something more than 23,000′ of climbing (about 8,000′ per 200K).

As I was telling Chip, if these rides were easy, they wouldn’t be as much fun. After all, our life’s endeavors (whatever they may be) are meant to challenge us to learn more about ourselves, our limits, expanding those limits, and helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Once again, the Many Rivers 600K didn’t disappoint. Hats off to Lynn and her “staff” for a great route. All went smoothly.

Chip and I drove out to Warrenton Friday afternoon to meet Clif and several others for dinner at Outback. 45 of us launched at 4am after a chatty breakfast at 3am provided by DCRand (our entry fees). The first 200K (<90min in the dark) took just 7h40m. The next 200K back to the hotel in all that heat took me about 8.5hrs. I packed ice in the 2L camelback several times which kept me cool and I never worried about where the next water stop would be. That left two bottle cages on my bike, one for Gatorade and one for Perpeteum. We ate our way all over the VA countryside, enjoying the scenary, catching up with friends, hearing about others’ “BIG” rides, and talking about riding through or catching a nap and riding through the cool, dark night with lights and no need for sunscreen. At first, the controls were averaging 10-12 minutes, but got longer as the day progressed. We left ice and water jugs for the riders following us.

Early on we had a large group that soon dwindled to Andrea, Clif, Chip, Greg, Roger, BillB, Carol, JeffE, JohnF, to name a few. By late afternoon my group of 4 split up (Chip and BobS needed food), JohnF and I keep going. Jeff was on a mission to set a course record (he would depart the hotel just before I got in at 8:20pm and finish before 6am, what a stud) After a shower, I ordered a loaded pizza nearby, got drinks, Oreos, Motrin, and Tums for Chip and Bob when they arrived an hour after us at 9:30. Called Clif for his update, lubed the chain, in bed at 10:30pm for a 2-hour snooze.

Met Chip, JohnF, BobS in the lobby at 1am. We proceeded to the Main Cup, then Kerrigan’s at Point of Rocks. Lynn was kind enough to mark with chalk the last two climbs along with words of encouragement on the pavement. Done before noon as the temps climbed from 67 degrees at 3am back into the 80s.

Chip will have some great photos soon and maybe ride reports from Chip? Clif?
Results soon at

I am looking forward to a relatively flat 1000K around Lake Ontario next month (only 14,000′). I am glad to report the Garmin 705 worked so well giving us cues before and at each turn (especially in the dark), recording all the data to share on the Garmin site (link above). I didn’t wear a strap to collect heart rate, but I did try to keep it under 120bpm for most of the ride.

What was the best part? Seeing a family of skunks walking across the road Sat night. I didn’t dare stop for THAT photo!



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