MG’s new Rawland dSogn and her new ‘Chasing Mailboxes’ blog

I like my Rawland dSogn 650b monster ‘cross bike so much that I had to ask owners Sean and Anna last fall if they might have an extra in MG’s size. Knowing it was a discontinued model, I expected that they would all be gone. To my absolute delight, they had an unpainted dSogn left in stock and we had a deal. It was sent it out for a silver powdercoat paint job that turned out quite sparkly.

After all these months, we finally got it built up at College Park Bicycles and MG took it out for some tweaking today. MG wrote about it in her new blog, Chasing Mailboxes. Another niche bike! We hope to get in some dirt road rides with these bikes — they are made for pretty much anything a rigid mountain bike can handle.

2 thoughts on “MG’s new Rawland dSogn and her new ‘Chasing Mailboxes’ blog

  1. Hi Branson,

    just around town on pavement so far. Longest ride was 62 miles mixed dirt, gravel and singletrack last fall. Didn’t notice the fork either way. On pavement, with the new high end Pacenti Pari-Moto 38mm tires, it rides like a marshmallow rocket.

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