Congratulations to DCR riders at the Cascade 1000/1200K

A belated WELL DONE to Kelly Smith, John Fuoco (and brother Dan Art) and Larry Brenize — the latter finishing with minutes to spare — for their successful finishes at the Seattle International Randonneurs Cascade 1200K. We’re also waiting to find out how George Moore fared — he completed more than 432 miles of the 1000K option but stopped after the Quincy overnight control.

See all the results at the rider progress page. Congratulations to our local folks and all the riders who tackle this beast of a ride.

MG and I have our big Carradice Camper bag loaded up for a four-day mini-tour in the Shenandoah Valley starting this morning based on Crista Borras’ Devil’s Wicked Stepmother 400K permanent. We’re riding today to Monterey, Va., then staying two nights at the Highland Inn.

Tomorrow we’ll ride a long loop to Covington, Va. and back to Monterey. Saturday we complete the second day of the permanent route back to Middletown, Va. and then we’ll meander on a lunch ride Sunday, just to top off the tank. We wish a happy — and safe — Fourth of July to all.


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