Endless Mountains 1000K: All Done!

We did it! MG and I rolled to the finish at Quakertown, Pa. at 11:37 PM Saturday evening with five other riders for a 67:37 result. This was our first 1000K each and earned me my first R-5000 award.

UPDATE: See MG’s photos of the ride at her Flickr page. My photos are also at my Flickr page.

Congratulations to all finishers, including our fellow DCRs Gary Dean, Charlie Thomas and Scott Gater. Our pal Bob Casciato had an old medical issue arise and wisely withdrew. It was nice to see him.

Also coming across in good shape were regular DC brevet riders Mike Lutz, Bill Olsen, Bob Olsen and Mark Sheehan. See the rider results here.

We’ll have longer reports to come, with photos. The quick summary: this massive loop never stops coming at you. When we were not crawling up major climbs, we were still scrambling up little steeps or working our way over large rolling hills. My hands are sore from the constant shifting. Payoffs? Incredible downhills, including a 20-mile descent into the second night sleep control, and many magnificent vistas and valleys.

We enjoyed perfect dry, clear weather. Despite having to use a number of narrow, busy roads, drivers were polite and we had no problems. There was one terrible exception –George Swain was hit early on Thursday from behind by an inattentive driver. He suffered a number of fractures but is expected to fully recover. More here.

Our many thanks go out to Tom Rosenbauer, his tireless volunteers, and our fellow riders (Vytas! Bob H.!) for putting up with our antics.


5 thoughts on “Endless Mountains 1000K: All Done!

  1. Mary & Ed,
    Thanks so much for helping me make it through this ride, especially after I got clipped and run into a curb in Lewisburg. The time re-collecting myself in the embracing slipstream of the mothership was exactly what I needed. What a ride!
    See you on the road,

    1. So sorry to hear about your run-in! Where again? Before we saw you Friday morning? I think that was the last time we rode together. Congratulations on your great ride, and it was good to see you and hear you are OK. Ironman!

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