Nitto Wayback Post and Phil Wood Update

At last weekend’s Pennsylvania Randonneurs 1000K, I tried out a new seatpost in the hopes of getting my Brooks B-17 far enough back. For a couple of years I have been using the Velo Orange Grand Cru seatpost that was already pretty far back, but not enough.

I broke down and bought the luxe lugged Nitto Wayback S84post, which puts you back a full 40mm, compared to about 30mm for the VO. It gave me just that little extra room that kept the saddle sores away. Money well spent!

Nitto Wayback Post. They mean it.

See more photos at my Flickr page.

Before we went jup to Quakertown, we also had our shop send our touring rear wheel back to Phil Wood to replace a worn engagement ring. Phil repaired the wheel under warranty, and when it showed up at my door this week, it also sported a new freehub body. The old one was notched up from the cassette cogs. Many thanks to the fine folks at Phil.

Nice new freehub body on our Phil tandem hub.

Still, we’re not done in our quest to break Phil components. By the end of the 1000K, my front crank Phil bottom bracket was clicking. The shop pulled it this week and the bearings had gone all Grape Nuts. This is our second Phil bottom bracket to die on us, this one lasted about 11,000 miles. We’re sending it back for inspection. For now, we’re going to use inexpensive Shimano UN54’s until we figure out why we’re forcing these nice Phil’s into early graves.

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