R-5000 Award Deadline Sept. 15

Labor Day has passed and that means the ACP R-5000 award deadline is fast approaching on Wednesday. The new PBP sign-up arrangement that gives priority to 2010 1000K finishers means many of you who bagged that accomplishment this year (and rode the last PBP) now also qualify for the R-5000. So, why not put down $10 and get that hefty chuck of recognition you’ve already earned?

Apply on the RUSA site, through the store, or send me a paper application, also on the site, postmarked by Wednesday. Keep in mind that your PBP frame plate number is also your PBP homologation number. If you’ve completed a 1000K recently and don’t have your number, put ‘pending’ in that box on a paper application; we’ll get it sorted in time for my deadline to send everything off to ACP.

As we talk about awards and achievements from the summer, the randonneuring season marches on. It used to mostly happen in the spring, with the big randonees completed with the running of the Last Chance 1200K. With the tremendous growth in our sport, the ACP and RUSA brevets just keep on coming. Next week the D.C. Randonneurs holds its Civil War ACP 200K from Frederick, Md. MG and I plan to be there in some capacity, if not participating.

Meanwhile, we’ve pushed back our one-week fall tour until next month. MG’s knees put in a request for a few more days to recover from the Endless Mountains 1000K and our jobs will be busy. We now plan to get into the Shenandoah — we hope — when the fall colors are at their peak.

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