Fall Leaf Tour Days 7 & 8: Skyline Drive and a 200K Brevet Kicker

Our fall tour is in the home stretch now, with just one last ride to our car in Harpers Ferry tomorrow. We’ll be sorry to wrap up our journey, but after today’s D.C. Randonneurs 200K brevet, a break will be much appreciated.

Backing up, we left Skyland Resort on Skyline Drive Friday morning under sunny, cold skies with west winds gusting strongly. The ride was trending downhill from the high point at 3,680 feet, but included plenty of uphills. The colors were, as they had been in previous days, spectacular. We love the views and the smooth roads, but were glad to exit the drive as we saw car after car driving up as we rolled down.

We met our friends Crista and Joel in Front Royal for lunch and then went to the Super 8 hotel in Middletown, Va. for the night. Dinner with them and Maile N. made for a nice evening.

Today we shed our panniers and joined the DCRs for the Cacapon 200K brevet, a real quad-burner through orchards and then Wolf Gap before returning to Middletown via our old friend Back Road. Gusty northwest winds slowed us in the morning but came around to the southwest by afternoon and gave us a solid tailwind to finish.

MG and I learned a pretty obvious lesson today: 525 miles of hilly touring do not make one faster at a brevet. We watched our buddies sail off into the distance as we plodded along with our heavy legs. It was fine. We enjoyed the blue skies and lovely leaf colors at our own pace and finished just after 6 p.m. Throw another 128 miles on the tally.

Tomorrow, we wrap with about 50 miles up to Harpers Ferry. Our legs are pretty much done and we are ready to get home and savor the best of the fall In the mid-Atlantic.

One thought on “Fall Leaf Tour Days 7 & 8: Skyline Drive and a 200K Brevet Kicker

  1. Ed, Mary, it was great to see you yesterday – sorry we didn’t get to talk more. What a great trip you have had, and so close to home! Hope to see you soon

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