PBP reservations page posted at Des Peres Travel

I’ve used Claus Claussen’s Des Peres Travel PBP travel package in the past, and on the whole it’s hard to beat.

I say “on the whole” because one could potentially save money by making their own arrangements. There may be flight sales betweeen now and next August that could be cheaper and there is a campground near the start that attracts a lot of European randonneurs and more than a few Americans. (I checked today, however, and Claus’ price for airfare right now was as low as I could get, save for one airline that required two stops. No. )

To me it’s worth going with Claus so that I can save my energy for the event. Once we get on the flight in D.C., Claus will get us, our bike and bags where they need to be throughout the event. It may not always be so fast, having to gather in groups for transfers and all, but there’s no guesswork and no surprises.

For instance, D.C. travelers spend the morning hanging around De Gaulle airport on our arrival day waiting for later flights to arrive. But, we don’t have to really sweat anything other than loading our bikes into Claus’ truck, and our rooms aren’t ready until the afternoon anyway. I’d rather spend the money to start the event rested and with my bike in hand, rather than risk complications.

One change from previous years: no free bike transportation on Air France. This time, Claus tells me, AF’s standard luggage rules apply. First bag free, second bag $55, $100 if oversized or over 50 lbs, each way, and that’s 100 euros on the return, bub. We hope that an S&S case qualifies as non-oversize luggage.

One other change. With PBP starting on Sunday night and Monday morning, Claus’s flights leave a day earlier than in the past. They also return on Saturday. That leaves a day to unwind before going to work on Monday — a welcome feature.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there, less than 10 months now.


6 thoughts on “PBP reservations page posted at Des Peres Travel

  1. +1 on using Claus for PBP. The only thing I would do differently, is to just give him my bike box when I arrive at De Gaulle airpot and then take public transportation to my hotel (instead of waiting several hours for other flights to arrive AND getting a tour of every other hotel that other riders are staying at!)

    -Tom Rosenbauer
    Eastern PA RBA

  2. John Mazur and I are contemplating making our own arrangements, since we can use miles for the flights. Is anybody else going that way? Any advice on doing it without going through Claus?

  3. Call Claus. If you book rooms and transfers with him, I think he can get you on the DC flights via your miles. Or, you can book yourself and use his other services if they work for you. I heard people talking about this last time, at least.

  4. Wow, this really gets the juices flowing! Travel arrangements always fill me with a mixture of joy and anxiety. Joy because the trip itself will be so much fun and anxiety because I always have the feeling that if I look just a little harder I’ll find a better deal somehow. Looks like this agency may be the way to go. Their rates on air travel look competitive, especially since they are non-stops.

    Too early for me to book anything because I won’t know for a while if I’ll be fully recovered to ride, but I still have PBP on the horizon for sure.

  5. Best to talk with Claus about whether to reserve now, based on your needs. We want to stay in specific hotels among those offered and reserved early to make sure we got rooms there.

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