Guilty Plea in death of randonneur Stan Miller

The driver who killed Stan Miller earlier this year pleaded guilty Tuesday to manslaughter by vehicle, and faces a potential 10-year jail sentence.

According to one of Stan’s friends who attended the hearing, driver Quinzy Fraser was faced with evidence that he was driving his Chevy Tahoe SUV as fast as 65 m.p.h, had a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit and clearly left the roadway when he struck Miller on the shoulder.

Fraser’s sentencing was set for Jan. 14. Our thoughts remain with Stan’s daughter and the rest of his family and friends as this tragedy is prosecuted.

WTOP Radio’s Kate Ryan blogged about the plea deal last week.

Stay tuned, more to come.


3 thoughts on “Guilty Plea in death of randonneur Stan Miller

  1. If you ask me,10 years is getting off WAY too easily :(. Thanks for the update,I hadn’t heard much on that for a while.


  2. FYI: We have been told the more supporters that show up at the sentencing hearing in January, the better the chance for a “reasonable” sentence.
    Imagine the statement bicyclists could make as a group . . . . Hope to see you ALL at the hearing on January 14, 1:30, in Courtroom 1, on the 3rd floor of the Montgomery County Courthouse in Rockville. We have the biggest courtroom available, so please help us fill it up!

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