The 12 Days of Randonneurmas: Day One

We’ve all enjoyed a lot of good rides and good times this year, but the fun is far from over — we still have the third annual 12 Days of Randonneurmas, where TDR celebrates all the goodies that make randonneuring just that much more fun.

As in the past, we start out emphasizing the practical: this year let’s think about warding off the dreaded dehydration monster. Bottles can suffice, but I’m not a fan. I prefer to carry my water on my back.

I don’t know anyone who really enjoys wearing a hydration pack, but they sure do make a difference on hot days. They also keep your water in liquid form during the winter, just keep the tube tucked inside your jacket. No frozen bottles and no running out of water between store stops.

My new favorite model is the Camelbak XLP, an extralight 70-ounce model with a nice zippered gadget pocket up top. Below is a larger expandable neoprene kangaroo-type pouch, perfect for a jacket and the second half of that sandwich from lunch. Another feature I like is the zippered bladder pocket, which makes removing the bladder easy.

Compact, light, and as red as Rudolph's nose so bright. Way to go, Camelbak!

If your favorite rider’s hydration pack is looking tired, this might be the one they’ll love to get.

Trimming the tree, staying hydrated.

Tomorrow: Gloves for winter cycling, but not cycling gloves.

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