The Second Day of Randonneurmas: Camo Gloves

During our fall tour a cold front rolled in and we found ourselves without proper insulated gloves. The bike shops were closed in Waynesboro, Va., so we wandered into the nearby the big box discount store and trolled the aisles.

Tucked away in the hunting section we found these $10 camouflage beauties that have turned out to be really good cycling gloves.

No self-respecting roadie would be seen in these, but we randonneurs use what works.

They don’t have a terrycloth patch or extra padding like regular cycling gloves, but they keep my fingers warm as well as the ones we buy at REI or cycling shops. They now go into the Carradice bag in case my heavier gloves get too warm. Extra bonus: we get a little extra room from passing pickup truck drivers when I give them a friendly camo-wave.

For the randonneur who never has enough gloves, these make a hilarious stocking stuffer that is actually useful.

Camo style, near the always-appreciated ORF (outdoor rest facility).

Tomorrow: document those rides with a brevet-friendly camera that shoots in sun and rain.


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