The Third Day of Randonneurmas: Sony TX5 Camera

One of the great things about randonneuring is that we get to pedal through lots of scenic territory with fellow cyclists. These long rides give us many opportunities to soak in the scenery; see other randonneurs; admire bikes; say hi to the farm animals; and get the blood pumping with the occasional unchained canine.

Why not help your randonneur make these memories that not only live on in his or her mind, but in a photograph? Yes, I’m talking a camera!

Making the Randonneur Memories Last

Lately, I’ve been using the Sony DSC TX5, and I love it. (I purchased mine with airline miles!) While any camera will be an appreciated gift, some of the features that make a camera like the TX5 a randonneur-friendly camera are:

  1. Auto everything. All I have to do is point and shoot.
  2. Fast focusing. Randonneurs are usually on the move, so it’s great to have a camera that quickly points and shoots whenever you spot a photographic opportunity. In addition, this camera does the job in bright sun as well as gloomier days on the bike.
  3. A recessed lens. The TX5 will zoom, but the lens does not physically extend. That’s an advantage for me because it decreases the time it takes to shove the camera back into its storage case.
  4. Freeze-proof. This little guy will be put to the real test this winter, but this weekend my TX5 worked pretty well in the colder morning temps.
  5. Not too small, not too big. The TX5 is a slim, but not awkwardly skinny, camera. I can easily pull the cover down, point at whatever I’m trying to capture, and shoot away. The buttons work pretty well with gloves, too, although lobsters? Forget it. I’m not sure what camera works well with those.
  6. Waterproof. Always helpful when taking pictures in inclement weather.
  7. Drop proof. This feature has NOT been tested by me yet, but having had a couple of cameras fly out of my handlebar bags, I want the extra insurance of drop-proofability just in case.

There are other great cameras out there. However, for people who ride in sun, sleet, snow, and who knows what else, it’s good to have a “tough” camera that is as able to handle the inclement weather as the rider is.

Sony DSC-TX5 in action. Good for panda shots, too.

Tomorrow: a place to stash those little gadgets.


2 thoughts on “The Third Day of Randonneurmas: Sony TX5 Camera

  1. Hello — I have a camera that looks very similar to that one, made by Fuji. I find it a little challenging to slide down the lens cover (which also turns the camera on) one-handed while riding. Do you have a safe system worked out for doing that with your Sony camera, which seems to have a similar sort of sliding cover?

  2. I haven’t had any issues with sliding the cover down. I can grab the camera from where I store it, put the wrist strap on while I’m grabbing it, and slide the cover down one-handed. It slides opens pretty easily.

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