The Fourth Day of Randonneurmas: Timbuk2 Accessory Case

The 12 Days of Randonneurmas keep on coming, and today we’re highlighting a reasonably-priced treasure that will make your special someone say, “Thank you, honey. You’re the best.”

What could it be, you ask? It’s a little Timbuk2 accessory case, a perfect place for storing a small phone or camera. Timbuk2 gave it the much fancier name of “Timbuk2 2-Way On-Strap Phone Holder.” While that is certainly a descriptive title, it is also ridiculously long.

Timbuk2 Accessory Case (and Quickbeam)

These Timbuk2 cases are useful on both single bikes as well as the stoker zone of the tandem. Wherever you have a tube, you can attach this little guy. The medium-sized Timbuk2 case is perfect for a cell phone or a camera.

As a stoker, it works well for me since I cannot use a handlebar bag. The captain is in my way! Instead, I attach this case to the handlebars, slide my camera inside, and off I go, ready to take pictures of myself ride.

Surly LHT and Timbuk2

If you decide to leave the bike at home for a day, you can secure the bar bag to a purse (or man-bag, if you prefer) and have easy access to your essential gadgets. No more digging around wondering “Hey, where’s my phone?!” It’s right on your bag or purse strap.

Timbuk2 Case in the Stoker Zone

These little guys are not only incredibly useful, but they’re also reasonably priced and come in different colors. Your randonneur will love the gift and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Tomorrow: Felkerino’s choice. Stay tuned!


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