Fifth Day of Randonneurmas: Merino Balaclava

When it gets cold enough, it helps to cover as much skin as possible. Sooner or later, most of us grab the venerated balaclava — a favorite of sledders, hunters and Arctic ninjas.

If you’re going to wear winter headgear, why not wear soft, warm Merino wool? We heartily endorse the Ibex merino balaclava and the Rivendell merino balaclava.

Ibex balaclava, putting a smile on my face. Courtesy MG.

The Ibex version is not particularly heavy, and fits closely but not tight. It’s my choice. MG is a fan of the Rivendell model, which is a little heavier, especially in the front. The nice part is that both are no more expensive than other cycling balaclavas.

I was given my Ibex last year for Christmas, and it’s been my first choice for winter rides ever since. Your randonneur will thank you every time they brave the winter cold with either one of these!

Tomorrow: books for those times when you just can’t ride.


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