Seventh Day of Randonneurmas: Cycling Caps

Today we highlight an item that fuses randonneur function with the fashion boost all randonneurs need. I’m talking cycling caps.

Cycling Caps!

Cycling caps help keep randonneurs’ heads warm and their eyeballs shielded from the sun and rain. Helmet hair got your randonneur down? It’s not an issue if he or she has a cycling cap. Further, sporting a cycling cap when not on the bike sends a message to discerning observers. It says, “See, I’m also a cyclist.”

See, we are also cyclists.

There are many fine cycling cap makers, including Little Package, Chuey Brand, Walz Caps, and Octopus Caps. You can find out who made the caps featured in the first photo by clicking on it.

Cycling caps come in a multitude of fabrics and styles. Many makers will even make a custom cap! That way, you can find the one that’s just right for your special randonneur someone. Some caps can be machine-washed, and others require more delicate care. Make sure your randonneur knows the correct washing method or his or her cap may accidentally become so tiny that only a Smurf could wear it. And Smurfs don’t ride bikes.

Tomorrow: Something for those winter rest stops.


2 thoughts on “Seventh Day of Randonneurmas: Cycling Caps

  1. I sure hope my wife reads your blog. What a great collection of caps you guys have in your closet. I sure love my Rapha cap and actually just got a promotional Merino hat ($50 value) from them when I ordered a new cycling jersey. The promotion runs through 12/24, I think. Looking to branch out in the cap dept this year and these are some great examples. Happy holidays!

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