Eighth Day of Randonneurmas: Coffee Break

For this eighth day of Randonneurmas, we turn to one of life’s great pleasures — good coffee. Granted, not all of us enjoy the bean, but there is a strong affiliation between cycling and coffee shops.

If your randonneur is like me, a good coffee or espresso stop makes any ride that much more enjoyable. What’s even nicer when you get there and have a gift card from a loved one, and you think to yourself, “I am so lucky! I can’t wait to get home and thank (insert your name here)!”

Some of our favorite coffee stops, including the Big S. and the Pennsylvania S.

During the week, we like Swing’s in downtown Washington. They have just one retail shop, open days only Monday through Friday, though you can find their coffee served at other places, notably Cups & Co. in the Russell Senate Office Building.

On the weekends, we’ll take Starbucks and Sheetz if that’s where we find ourselves, but we always prefer a local spot if we can find one.

Me & MG at Swing's

So, if you are looking for that little stocking stuffer that will keep on giving, the coffee shop card might be the perfect item.

Another Sheetz randonneur oasis

Tomorrow: Bike shop treasure!


One thought on “Eighth Day of Randonneurmas: Coffee Break

  1. Coffee card great, but even better for the randonnuer are the tiny instant coffee packs sold by Starbucks. They slide into a pack or jersey pocket and all you need is some boiling water and a cup for a gourmet treat no matter how remote!

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