Ninth Day of Randonneurmas: Bike Shop Goodies

Randonneurs typically have relatives who want to get them something nice for Christmas, but have no idea what to buy. That’s where your friendly local bike shop comes in handy.

If they know the randonneur personally, the manager can be an excellent source for gift ideas. They’ve most likely seen him or her in the shop, looking longingly at a rain jacket or some odd-looking lighting gizmo. You really can’t go wrong getting your randonneur something fun — think fancy socks — or the always-appreciated gift certificate.

We’re fond of our friends at the Bailey’s Crossroads REI bike shop in Alexandria, Va. and College Park Bicycles in College Park, Md., but I also make a habit of stopping in Freeze Thaw Cycles in State College, Pa. when visiting family there.

The best shops, to me, are the ones with tons of stuff. Freeze Thaw moved to a new location last year to show off more used bikes, more new bikes, more wheels, more accessories; more everything. Justin, Jordyn & co. have done a great job in building a shop that accomodates newcomers and picky old veterans, and always have time to talk.

Pick up something neat for your cyclist at their local shop and it is sure to be a merry holiday.

Tomorrow: a little extra fashion, and we don’t mean more wool!


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