Tenth Day of Randonneurmas: Rickshaw Pipsqueak

Can a randonneur have too many bags? Impossible! Randonneurs need a special bag for commuting, one for populaires, another for one-day brevets, and still others for multi-day rides. Am I right? You know I am.

Rickshaw Bag on the Quickbeam

This year, why not add to your favorite randonneur’s bag selection by getting him or her a Rickshaw Pipsqueak bag? Rickshaw is an amazing San Francisco company that makes lots of cool useful items for cyclists.

The Pipsqueak is made of durable cordura nylon with a waterproof liner to keep things dry in the rain. They offer a bunch of color combinations, and best of all, the Pipsqueak straps to the front handlebars and closes with simple Velcro.  It easily holds a camera, wallet, and a small sweet treat. It also looks great!

Pipsqueak: Waterproof Liner and Velcro Fastener
Pipsqueak: Handlebar Fasteners

The Rickshaw Pipsqueak retails for $25 — a super deal, given that they are made to order in California. After your bag has been made, Rickshaw will even Tweet you a picture of it before mailing it out. So modern!

Tomorrow: the big one.


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