Eleventh Day of Randonneurmas: The Pretty Big Present

We try to promote inexpensive gifts during The 12 Days of Randonneurmas, realizing that our sport can be pretty spendy already.

Every four years, however, comes the worldwide gathering of randonneurs at the Paris-Brest-Paris randonnee. All randonnueurs capable of a 1200K should complete PBP at least once, and the next running is a mere eight months away.

PBP is anything but cheap to attend, and requires a ton of miles during the spring and summer to be fully prepared. It can seem all too much to loved ones who do not ride.

Yet, it’s a glorious event and worth every penny if done right. Imagine a world where drivers yield the road, a randonneur is applauded as they fly past, and one gets to represent their country — all on a bike. That’s PBP.

There is, of course, the opportunity at Christmas time to give the other kind of PBP — the Pretty Big Present. That would be the green light for that new bike, summer tour, or any other major cycling purchase that your randonneur knows they can’t buy without your backing.

Knock their socks off. Your randonneur will be forever grateful!

Tomorrow: The best gift of all.


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