2nd Annual TDR Rando Photo Contest: Five Days Remaining!

Happy 2011, TDR Readers! Thank you to everyone who has submitted their photos to TDR World Headquarters for the 2nd Annual TDR Rando Photo Contest. You all had some great rides this past year and it is a treat to see all the memories captured along the way.

As a reminder, the categories are:

  1. Randonneur Lifestyle;
  2. Obligatory Cow Photo/Nature Shot;
  3. Spirit of Randonneuring; and
  4. Wild Card.

If you have been thinking of sending some photos our way, think no more! Gather up your entries and send them to gersemalina “at” gmail.com.

Your photos will make for a wonderful online album of our time together on the road, and inspire us to keep up the adventures and fun in 2011.

TDR Rando-Mosaic from 2009

To further encourage your participation, I’ve included a flickr image of a selection of last year’s entries. Click on it to see more of the 2009 photos. And then send us your entries!

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