Ice Floes and Rando-Banditry

My schedule pretty much dictates when I can ride and when I can’t, and on the “can” weekends, it has to be pretty bad outside to keep me from getting out on the bike. That was the case on Saturday, when light snow in the morning was followed by howling winds and temperatures in the 20s. MG and I ventured out and came back after making our way to get coffee in Dupont Circle.

Sunday looked marginally better, with cloudless skies and north winds in the low teens, with gusts to 20 m.p.h. and a predicted high in the low 30s. It was hard to say whether it was worth going out or not! After our friends decided to stay home and sip hot chocolate, MG and I decided we could at least take the tandem from home to the somewhat sheltered W&OD paved trail toward Leesburg, Va. and turn around if it was too much.

Well, it was surely bad at first. When we left home at 9 a.m. the temperature was only 24 degrees and the wind was steady. But we got warmed up and kept plugging along, with a nice stop for coffee in Vienna, Va. around mile 18. The temperatures rose a little here and there and we finally rolled into Leesburg, about 40 miles from home.

Then, the payoff: happy, not-so-cold-anymore tailwinds blew us to White’s Ferry for a ride across the icy Potomac River, then on to Poolesville, Md. for lunch and back home via tony Potomac, Md. where we stopped for more hot coffee and cookies.

Sunday was one of those days that could have really been rough, but the conditions were just barely inside the line for the outbound part, and we had a blast coming back. We managed 85 miles and were thrilled to have gotten that many. It wasn’t a brevet or permanent, but we were pretty happy nonetheless. We hope you had a nice ride this weekend!

See all of our photos at MG’s Flickr set.

P.S. Stay tuned for the submissions to the 2nd Annual TDR Rando Photo Contest. The photos are amazing!

One thought on “Ice Floes and Rando-Banditry

  1. geez…you two are super tough.

    what a bike ride…im never ridden on the ferry in that kind of ice…i didnt know it could go in that ice! great photos, too!

    hopefully i can ride with you this weekend..maybe the temperature will rise into the 60s!?…ha ha ha!

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