Drunk driver who killed Stan Miller gets eight years prison, five years probation

A group of D.C. Randonneurs and many others who cared about slain cyclist Stan Miller attended the sentencing of Stan’s killer, Quinzy Fraser, today in Rockville. Md. They were among about 75 friends of Stan who appeared, and another 75 or so on behalf of Mr. Fraser.

I’m told by one of those who were there that the judge sentenced Mr. Fraser to the full 10 years allowable for vehicular manslaughter, with two years suspended. Mr. Fraser was also given an additional five years probation after serving his sentence.

Both the prosecution and Mr. Fraser’s defense argued their respective cases. It came to light that this was Mr. Fraser’s third drunk driving incident, one more than was commonly known.

Stan died last June 25th when a drunk Fraser, driving his SUV with a .20 blood alcohol content, hit him at high speed on the shoulder of Maryland Rt. 27 during the evening rush hour.


4 thoughts on “Drunk driver who killed Stan Miller gets eight years prison, five years probation

  1. Although a just sentence, I fear the deterrent effect will be limited due to lack of media coverage. Most people don’t seem to appreciate the responsibility they have to others on the road.

  2. I moved to Clarksburg last summer and has always been interested in the story behind the bike on the fence. I went by today and took some photos. After finding the name, I had to learn more. As a cyclist, Ironman, and father, this story was so depressing. Here are the links to the photos I took today.

    Bike Memorial2

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