More details on the sentencing of drunk driver who killed Stan Miller

There is finally some news coverage of the sentencing of the drunk driver in the Stan Miller case, and the details are horrifying. A judge in Rockville, Md. on Friday gave Quinzy Fraser 10 years in prison, with two years suspended, and five years probation.

Kate Ryan of WTOP Radio has filed a full story on the sentencing hearing. It makes for difficult reading. She recounts how Assistant State’s Attorney Mark Anderson inferred that Fraser, after stopping his SUV, prodded a dying Miller with his foot and tried to suggest to bystanders that another driver had hit him.

Fraser denied touching Miller, but admitted to drinking eight beers starting at noon that day, and begged for community service. Anderson said Fraser had a blood alcohol content of .19 when he hit Miller at 69 m.p.h. on a Maryland Rt. 27 shoulder.

Anderson also revealed that Fraser had not one but two previous DUI’s, in 1998 and 2004, and a past drunk and disorderly charge on the Metro subway system. He had also completed a 26-week program after his 2004 DUI, apparantly to no good outcome.

Ryan also has posted at her blog, Lane Change: Kate Ryan Reports.

Thank you so much for your coverage, Kate.

The Gazette newpapers of suburban Maryland has a short story, recounting the proceedings and the background of the crime.

The Washcycle Blog has a post recounting the Gazette story, with their own comment.

Speaking of comments, I’ve turned on administrator moderation of comments for the time being after one of Fraser’s friends posted that the sentence was too harsh. The friend posted after someone using an alias commented here and similar comments were posted at the Washcycle blog this week, saying that the sentencing was postponed to Monday.

It was a cowardly attempt to reduce attendance at the sentencing and the Washcycle comments were in introduced into the hearing as evidence undercutting community support for Fraser.

I don’t want any arguments on TDR over the sentence or any other aspect of the case, or more bogus comments posted, out of respect for Stan and for Stan’s family.

There is some small measure of justice that after the death of an innocent man, the Maryland criminal system finally rose to the challenge of putting a dangerous, habitual drunk driver behind bars.

I’ll post more stories as they become available.

2 thoughts on “More details on the sentencing of drunk driver who killed Stan Miller

  1. What makes anyone think that punitive action will be in any way useful? The drunk driver needs help not punishment to prevent future occurrence. Prison is nothing short of total ignorance of a problems.

    The message is clear from the community and subsequently government – do not ride a bicycle on roads or you risk death by motorist. Simple as that.

  2. Your wrong about prison not helping the problem. He should fist serve the jail time. They have programs in jail to help deal with what he has done. Im going through the same thing with the guy who killed my boyfriend when he killed my boyfriend when he hit him drunk driving. If it had been your family member that was killed would you feel the same way?

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