MG Thursday: Randonneurs, Start Your Engines

In case you did not know, the 2011 brevet season officially began on December 21, 2010. At least, that’s the story at our house, as Felkerino decided some years ago that the Winter Solstice signifies the end of the 12 Days of Randonneurmas and the start of brevet season.

In past years, that was an approximate start date for brevet season, but this year the Winter Solstice was the date. Not one day after! I didn’t realize this until last weekend when I learned from Felkerino that we are already behind in our training for Paris Brest Paris (PBP). What? We are? Oh no!

I have my fingers crossed that I am not so far behind in my miles for the year that I can’t catch up and be ready for the August adventure.

D.C. Randonneurs at PBP

It’s tough to get inspired about winter PBP training, especially when the weather has been colder than average. Yes, I am from Iowa, but I have become soft. Yes, the roads are quieter in the wintertime, but that’s because all the smart people are at home going to their aerobics classes or cross training or baking cookies. Yes, all that winter wool is a treat to wear. But lobster gloves, balaclavas, and booties? Completely unglamorous.

Winter PBP Training Has Begun

Excuses, excuses.

No matter the weather, we have to get out there and ride. Starting yesterday. We’re behind already and PBP awaits. For Felkerino (and thus, for me) that is serious business. Felkerino loves PBP. LOVES IT! Never having gone, I don’t understand the attraction, but if he’s riding in France, then so am I.

Let the training begin. Randonneurs, start your engines. If you missed the December 21, 2010 memo, you better get moving. Let’s start turning those pedals toward that PBP starting line!


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