TDR Rando Photo Contest: Winners Announced Next Week

While Felkerino and I have been falling behind in our PBP training, our secret guest judge Gregg Bleakney has been busy judging all entries in the TDR Rando Photo Contest. We are poised to announce the results.  Tune in early next week as we announce the winners for our four TDR Rando Photo Categories.

  1. Randonneur Lifestyle,
  2. Obligatory Cow Photo/Nature Shot,
  3. Spirit of Randonneuring, and
  4. Wild Card.

It will all be revealed next week. And as always, thank to the entrants who made our contest so great!

Chris, D.C. Randonneurs 600K

One thought on “TDR Rando Photo Contest: Winners Announced Next Week

  1. hello TDR! i’m sorry i missed your contest, although i only have one photo. it’s viewable at the top of my local Rando club in Berlin’s website: the Oder river, marking the border between Poland and Germany.

    all the best with the training, see you in Paris.

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