TDR Rando Photo Premiums: Velo Orange and Bike Snob!

Tomorrow we begin announcing the winners of the 2nd Annual TDR Rando Photo Contest and tonight we present the premiums!

We have awesome participants in our contest, not only because of their great photos but also because they had no idea what the prizes for our contest would be when they submitted their entries. Randonneur art for randonneur art’s sake!

Nevertheless, we do have prizes for our first- and second-place winners.

First place. Winners of each photo category will receive a $25 $50  gift certificate to Velo Orange!

As many TDR readers know, Velo Orange is a great cycling shop in Annapolis, Md., where frames, racks, bags, seatposts, and other lovely randonneuring treasure can be found.

The TDR Rando Photo budget allowed for $25 gift certificates, and Chris and Annette at Velo Orange volunteered to match our prize, raising the full gift certificate amount to $50.

Runner up. All second place winners will be receiving a brand new copy of Bike Snob: Systematically & Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling. Bike Snob’s clever book gives us a knowledgeable, yet amusing, view of bicycle culture. It’s a perfect read when you’re trapped inside on a snow day!

Gregg Bleakney has completed his judging. Tomorrow, we start revealing his selections! Since I have a j-o-b that keeps me from TDR business during the day, look for the results in the evening hours. Thanks, everybody!

Randonneurs like Velo Orange: Bob on his VO during the Endless Mountains 1000K.

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