TDR Rando Photo Winners: Obligatory Cow/Nature

Tonight we feature the winners in the Obligatory Cow Photo/Nature Shot category. These are some of the favorite types of pictures we like to take when pedaling through the countryside. This category reassures us that we’re not the only ones out there awed by animals, grass, cornfields, and trees.

Again, commentary by guest judge Gregg Bleakney accompanies each photo.

Winner: Jan Bull. D.C. Randonneurs, Urbana 200K.

(c) Jan Bull: DC Randonneurs, Urbana 200K. The profile was an extract from 4 stark trees on the rise that absolutely captured me.

Gregg’s comments:

Great panorama.  Magical patterns of trees like this are always a welcome sight during long brevets.

Runner Up: Bill Beck. Woodbine-Dillsburg 200K.


(c) Bill Beck: DC Randonneurs, Woodbine-Dillsburg 200K. Well, a very curious goat actually, along Watersville Rd. during the Woodbine-Dillsburg 200K on December 11, 2010.

Gregg’s comments:

The best photographers can always find a bit of themselves in their subjects:)

Well done, Jan and Bill! Jan receives a $50 gift certificate from Velo Orange for her winning entry and for Bill we have a copy of Bike Snob NYC!

Wondering what the other Obligatory Cow Photo/Nature Shot candidates were? Click on the photo below and wonder no more!


Tomorrow: Wild Card!

One thought on “TDR Rando Photo Winners: Obligatory Cow/Nature

  1. Jan is now a two-time winner in the TDR contest, having won the “Spirit of Randonneuring” category last year.

    Way to go Jan!

    Bill continues to impress as well. It’s worth riding a DCR brevet to get into Bill’s photosets.

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