TDR Rando Photo Winners: Wild Card!

While all the Rando Photo categories are fairly broad, Wild Card allowed randonneurs to showcase permanents and populaires of 2010, in addition to brevets. Or, if a photo didn’t fit any of the other categories, it could find a home in the Wild Card.

As a reminder, the winner gets a fabulous $50 gift certificate from Velo Orange, and the runner-up will be the proud owner of Bike Snob NYC’s book, Bike Snob: Systematically & Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling.

Comments by our esteemed Rando Photo judge Gregg Bleakney follow each entry.

Winner: Bill Alsup, Skyline-Vernonia 200K Permanent.

(c) Bill Alsup: Skyline-Vernonia 200K Permanent. Taken November 13, 2010 in Portland, OR, during the Skyline-Vernonia 200k permanent. In this photo: Adam George, Lynne Fitzsimmons, David Parsons & Ed Groth.

Gregg says:

Random red fire hydrant control? The guys seem to really be pushing their grey cells in this scene.

Runner Up: Joe Platzner, Seattle Randonneurs Fleche.

(c) Joe Platzner: Seattle Randonneurs Fleche. Wild Card was taken at the start of our Fleche this year. We were near Bellingham, WA and finished in Olympia, WA.

Gregg says:

The most incredibly random cycling button I’ve ever seen.  Only a randonneur could come up with something like this.

Nice job, Bill and Joe! Joe now has the distinction of being a two-time Runner Up in this year’s contest. There should be a medal that we can sell you for that!

Want to see our other fine entries? They’re just a click away (on the photo below)!

Wild Card

You know what’s next: Spirit of Randonneuring!

2 thoughts on “TDR Rando Photo Winners: Wild Card!

  1. The “weasels ripped my fleche” button is maybe not so random as Greg thinks – it’s taken from a Frank Zappa album cover.

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