Following Randy Mouri’s RAAM 2011 Quest

The Race Across America – RAAM – has always seemed to us, your everyday randonnneurs who aspire to finish a mere 1200K, as pretty far out there. But it helps to understand it better when you know one of racers, and this year we’re following our longtime buddy and all-around nice guy Randy Mouri as he gears up for RAAM 2011.

Notice that rider speeding away in the banner above? That’s Randy taking off after poking along half the day with us mortals so that he could have lunch with the group. Leaving town, he rides up and says, “I better put in some work today,” and with that, BANG! He was gone. It wasn’t for lack of talent that he was the first finisher in the extremely challenging Endless Mountains 1240K in 2009.

MG, Randy, and Me.

RAAM is no inexpensive affair and Randy is taking contributions, with 20 percent going on as a tax-deductible donation to Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia. We gave a relatively modest amount and Randy and his wife Susie (herself a marathon runner) graciously added The Daily Randonneur to their list of in-kind sponsors. Thanks Randy and Susie!

If you know Randy or simply want to help a fellow randonneur who’s going all out for the big race, check out his My Quest for RAAM 2011 site and make a donation. Or, attend his fundraiser event on May 10 at the Dogfish Head Alehouse in Fairfax, Va. Then, join us in cheering Randy along when the race starts on June 15. Go Randy!


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