The Long Second Day after the 400K Brevet

Today was Monday and you’d think after an easy day on Sunday after the D.C. Randonneurs 400K, with a two-hour nap, I’d feel better. And (in case my employer is reading this) I really did feel OK, and got a lot done.

Still, I can’t wait to get another night’s sleep. Today was all about drinking and eating regularly, doing things at a deliberate pace and remembering that the fatigue goes away and leaves the good memories behind.

Here’s what I looked like after work today:

400K eyes. You should have seen them yesterday.

Maybe it’s the 400K — that it’s the tough test of randonneuring, even moreso for me and MG than the fleche. Unlike the fleche, the 400K is always hilly for us here in the Mid-Atlantic and we ride it at brevet pace, meaning short stops and a push over the last few hours to get it done. We completed the ride in 19 hours on Saturday, which is about our average, but that’s still five hours faster than a fleche and about 10 miles farther.

Fortunately, we have no lingering injuries. I had some stomach issues on Saturday, mostly a strong reaction to Clif Shot Blocks which I normally enjoy without any problems. Luckily I was was able to eat and drink mild food with the help of our old friend Pepcid. I drank a lot of coffee last week and think that has something to do with it, and am dialing back the joe to give my stomach a rest.

How do you cope with the post-brevet recovery? Do you still feel the ride on the second day?

Here’s MG. She looks a lot better than me, as you’d expect!

MG on the Monday commute, looking pretty fresh.

8 thoughts on “The Long Second Day after the 400K Brevet

  1. You both look pretty exhausted in those pictures.

    I don’t have the luxury of being able to collapse after 400s or longer rides, because I’m a stay at home dad and I /have/ to be at least coherent enough to do baby-herding on the monday following a nice long ride. Fortunately(?), I tend to get really wired on those rides, so I end up buzzing around hyperactively until the adrenaline wears off three-four days afterwards.

  2. Some lingering numbness in left hand and left foot. Even though at 25 hours and 23 minutes, I took it considerably easier than last year. Those storms last year were a real motivator. Monday was not that productive at work. But I was able to connect with my kids and wife Sunday afternoon after a nap. Got my braid bearded for the debut of Pirates 4. Can I post a picture in a comment?

  3. I slept for about 5 hours on Sunday, from 11am to 4pm, and then a “regular” night’s sleep that night. So no drowsiness issues. Draggy on Monday, better yesterday, and this morning I rode intervals on Hains Point. First few were tough getting up to speed but after that it was OK. Getting psyched for the 600.

  4. Nick: we’re coming around about now, but still a little wiped out. It will be good to have an off weekend to get some more rest before the 600K — which might be our favorite brevet. It’s almost like touring, especially when its a big loop like this year.

  5. I hosed up my recovery cause I felt to sleepy to drive home but hadn’t booked a room. Napped at the finish and drove home about 3. Napped at home but had to do stuff too. Didn’t really feel recovered til Thursday! But I always seem to take longer than most.

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