TDR’s Jon G. qualifies for PBP

TDR’s own Jon G. successfully completed his ACP 600K brevet in England today, wrapping up the 623K “Beast from the East” in a time of 37:10. Jon notes that he had a puncture in the final section, slowing his arrival.

Jon is now qualified for Paris-Brest-Paris. Congratulations Jon!

Here’s a photo of Jon at the finish from his Facebook page. I guess the organizers had some connection to Texas or longhorns, or both.


As you may recall, this is Jon’s first qualification for PBP since 1999, when he rode with the D.C. Randonneurs. We’re looking forward to seeing Jon with the Audax UKers in Paris this summer.

Audax UK riders will be easy to spot in their distinctive PBP jersey. See it here.


2 thoughts on “TDR’s Jon G. qualifies for PBP

  1. Hi well done jon . The wind has been a pain here in the UK this last 2/52. Been hard just cycling to work. Draining to be out in it for 37hrs.Atleast you have the bank holiday to recover.The 3 coasts 600 riders will be hoping for better weather.

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