Cutting the caffeine and a Nishiki Mixte Rescue

As the 600K approaches this weekend, MG and I are trying to stay calm and get plenty of sleep. It’s already Wednesday and we’re got just two more nights to get good sleep before two nights in a row with four hours or less.

We relax a little bit more before the 600K because we have the intimidating 400K behind us. But even with a few 600Ks under our belts, we still get nervous and have to consciously tell ourselves to conserve energy for the big ride ahead.

You may recall I planned to drink less coffee after I had stomach problems on the 400K. I’m happy to report that I’ve reduced my consumption by more than half, at least, and feel better for it. I’m down to one double espresso in the morning and maybe one more small cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea around the lunch hour. I still miss that late afternoon cup, but I’ve compensated by drinking more water and eating an apple or an energy bar.

The change has been good. I get to sleep faster at night and wake up more refreshed. I’m not sure how it’s been possible to cut back without big headaches and fatigue. The key may have been to keep up the riding, not cutting out caffeine completely, and drinking the occasional San Pellegrino Limonata or Aranciata.

Today we accepted an offer by an employee at our favorite coffee shop to take the remains of his 1980 Nishiki Olympic 12 Mixte. It was chained up outside for a week on its side with the rear wheel stolen. I finally asked the owner if he still wanted it, and to our delight he told us it was all ours. There’s no telling what problems we will find when we start working on it, but we hope to refurbish it into a sweet townie singlespeed for MG.

Our friend Dean P., a fellow customer who generously offloaded his Bridgestone MB-4 mountain bike to us this weekend, added to his fame by taking the frame home until we could pick it up with our car. Thanks again Dean!


4 thoughts on “Cutting the caffeine and a Nishiki Mixte Rescue

  1. Here’s sending good vibes for your 600K. I look forward to the pictures and ride report. Hopefully it’s not to hot you find good company to crank away the miles with.

    1. We donated it to a local bike co-op. It sat for a few months in storage and I would have had to get the rear dropouts spread or get 126mm hub wheels, and decided it was a project for someone else.

      It was a pretty frame.

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