Run over by a tank?

No, just the Beast from the East 600K. Felkerino did an amazing job of previewing and recounting my journey to the Taunton Deane motorway plaza and back–which I promise to do–so there’s not much to add until I can write up a fuller story.

Which hurts more: run over by a tank or a 600K?

Which, given my fuzzy brainedness of the past week, has not been possible. Physically, I have felt like I was run over by one of the British Army’s tanks at one of their many, many road crossings on the Salisbury Plain.

I’m reminded that this has been my first completed 600K since my only Paris-Brest-Paris year in 1999, so this totally destroyed feeling is something unfamiliar. Today is the first day I’ve felt normal all week. With luck, I’l feel like riding outdoors on Saturday.

And speaking of Saturday, best wishes to Felkerino, MG, and the rest of the riders in the DC Randonneurs 600K this weekend. You’ll make us proud.


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