Quick report on D.C. Randonneurs 600K: We did it!

I’m finally back at home after we finished the D.C. Randonneurs 600K ACP qualifer today. The completion qualifies us for PBP!

The ride today was tough but satisfying. This course is hilly throughout — following last night’s four-hour overnight stop, we had to traverse 131 miles of rolling hills all the way to the finish.

We made it back to Middletown for a 34:39 finish, which is a good time for us on a hilly 600K.

The rollers took a toll on our legs. We had to take a couple of roadside stops and one 15-minute nap to overcome drowsiness and fatigue. But overall we had a nice ride with lots of good miles with our pals.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention how much we appreciated the terrific support from the DCR volunteers at the overnight hotel — thanks Mike Wali and Tom LePore — and the hot breakfast provided at the next control in Churchville by Fred Robbins and crew.

Their hospitality and plentiful portions helped us shake off those second-day blahs. Of course, we also must offer our gratitude to brevet organizer Bill Beck and his volunteers, who ran a flawless event.

The encouragement from our friends on Facebook and Twitter helped. You can see my Twitter updates from the controls and last night here.

I’ll write more tomorrow after getting caught up on sleep. Thanks for reading!

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