Wishing Our Best to Randy Mouri at RAAM

We only briefly caught up with RAAM entrant Randy Mouri at the D.C. Randonneurs 600K on Saturday, but when we got back to the finish in Middletown, Va. he left us these wonderful team caps.

He had mentioned that he would include The Daily Randonneur on the cap, but it was still amazing to see it for real. These are very nice Pactimo caps that work wonderfully under a helmet. THANK YOU Randy!

Randy takes the start at in the Men’s Solo division next week on June 15. Read all about him and his team at the RAAM site and at Randy’s My Quest for RAAM site.

Two other D.C. Randonneurs will be clipping in as well. Nancy Guth of Stafford, Va. will be half of the two-women relay team RAAM Boomers.

Our fellow D.C. resident Jeff Magnuson will ride in the Race Across the West, or RAW, which follows the RAAM route to Durango, Colo. He will be on the four-person RAAM Racing team.

Best of luck to them and all the riders in RAAM and RAW. We’ll be tracking the progress of Randy, Jeff and Nancy starting next week and will send updates via the TDR Twitter feed and this site.



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