PBP Registration Opens

We all have to go sometime…to PBP. Today pre-registered riders can formally register at the PBP site, as long as you have three of the four Super Randonneur brevets certified and posted on the RUSA site.

If you’ve not gotten certification yet of that final brevet (presumably your 600K), you’ll have to go back to the PBP site and add that other brevet before the final deadline of July 17.

Check out the latest at the RUSA PBP Wiki page, which has information on registration.

We’ve already heard from a couple of our D.C. Randonneurs riders who have managed to complete the registration, but there were some bugs in making payment. We’re going to wait a couple of days until everything is running smoothly — unclaimed pre-registration slots are held until the 19th.

It’s getting closer.


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