Well done to Alec Burney and Paul D. at the Shenandoah 1200K

They made it in today at 85:50 after four long days climbing the many hills and gaps of the Shenandoah Valley, along with (we think) five other finishers out of the 11 who started on Thursday. See more details as they are posted at the Randon list.

Well done fellas! It was a blast to follow your progress through Alec’s Twitter feed and Yfrog photos!

Alec at the finish in Leesburg. (c) Alec Burney.

This virtual randonneuring was a lot of fun, but we were also concerned when we didn’t hear from Alec for a few hours. Turns out he had no signal in the areas of far southern Virginia. Alec jumped back into the Twittering with gusto once he got a few bars on the screen.

We also learned via Twitter from randonneur Dan Wallace (@dwallace407) that Alec’s fresh 22-year-old legs weren’t the youngest to complete a 1200K. Dan tells us, “Kenny Goode (Jerry’s son) was 17 when he completed BMB with his dad in 1993.”

Randonneuring seems to attract folks starting in their 30s or later — it’s great that the cool kids will get out there and ride too.

Alec rode to the start from Annapolis and plans to ride back tomorrow. Here’s his route so far via the MotionX GPS app. Good riding and good sleep too, Alec.


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