PBP: The bill comes due

Update June 15: Maile informs us in the comments that D.C. randonneur Tom Reeder also rode the NJ Randonneurs 600K last weekend. Sorry for the omission, Tom!

We’ve been enjoying Maile N.’s photos of the New Jersey Randonneurs 600K this last weekend, which featured a PBP-appropriate 10 p.m. start time. While we were closely tracking the progress of our pals at the Shenandoah 1200K, a second group of D.C. Randonneurs — Maile, Gary D., and Michael R. — made their way around the Hightstown 600k course, which was billed as “More Flat Roads, But Lots Of Night Riding.” Read more here.

It must have been odd to emerge from the “overnight control” in the afternoon!

See her photos here.

Meanwhile, we’re girding ourselves for the toll on Wednesday, when we pay Claus Claussen of Des Peres Travel the balance of our PBP travel and hotel fees. It seemed like a long time ago when we paid our $250 deposits, and now the big bill is due. I’m glad PBP happens every four years — the sting of the cost is getting worse every time. I suppose the weak dollar is great for exports, but it makes European travel very expensive.

Claus, in green vest, collecting drop bags at our hotel in 2007.

Since the euro appreciated against the dollar since last fall by more than 3 percent (5 percent overall), we’re also paying a currency surchage on the French portion of the trip — hotel, transfers and baggage hauling. It’s not much, but it adds up.

We’ll have to offset the extra costs by taking out a meal or two at the McDo and the Carrefour hyper-market near the start at the shopping center in Guyancourt. Bon apetit!

Greg C. loading up the calories at the Carrefour in 2007. Bring your own bag!
At the Guyancourt McDonalds in 2007. Actually, not bad.

2 thoughts on “PBP: The bill comes due

  1. Paid our balance to Claus last week. I’ve never been happier to pay a bill. Really looking forward to the adventure!

  2. Tom Reeder was another DC Randonneur who made his way around the pine barrens and marshes of southern New Jersey. A lovely and fun trek it was.

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