Post-series update: Sleepy and Hungry

The ACP brevets are behind us by more than a week, but I still find myself sleeping heavily and wanting to eat a lot. Those miles, combined with heavy work schedules and daily riding around town, have added up to a fair bit of fatigue.

My caffeine reduction is also playing a part, in that I used to drink coffee in the afternoons rather than get a full night’s sleep. I’ve stuck to a routine of one double espresso in the morning and an iced tea at lunchtime. I don’t have to worry about falling asleep at night anymore!

Today I could tell I was in a low-level recovery bonk when I could not resist a donut at Swing’s Coffee in downtown D.C., something I had sworn off during the brevets as part of a health focus dubbed “Operation Gaunt” by our friend Lane G.

Espresso and a donut at Swing's Coffee -- sure sign of a post-brevet series bonk.

The temptation to dig the hole deeper by riding big rides even when tired is still strong, however.

Last year I convinced MG that we should take advantage of being in great shape from the brevets and do a non-credit 300K ride two weeks after the 600K.

It was fun, but we discovered that we had tired legs after about 200K. That ride only prolonged the fatigue from the brevets and we never quite recovered the snappy legs we felt during the brevet season.

Sill, we feel like we need to keep up the miles between now and the end of July to get ready for PBP.

As an alternative to doing a single big ride, we’re going on a round-trip overnighter this weekend to Martinsburg, W.V. from our house in D.C. We could not join our friends Crista, Chuck and Eduardo on her annual two-week tour, but this will give us a taste of those carefree days on the road.

The first day will be 125 miles and the return about 100 miles, with mostly rolling hills and good cafe stops. We love multi-day inn-to-inn touring, and this will be a perfect shakedown for our four-day 4th of July weekend tour in West Virginia and back via the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive.

Time for more sleep — there are many miles to go before we get to Paris!


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