Tina and David Lippke’s Amazing Hike&Bike Adventure

We got to know pals Tina and David Lippke a few years ago when David took up randonneuring for awhile. He joined us for our (in)famous Double Middletown 600K permanent in 2008. Along the way I had an upset stomach right by a construction company called BPB, and the ride became known to us as the BPB 600K, for Big Pukin’ Bike Ride. See MG’s story here.

Tina is an avid hiker and conquered the Applachian Trail last year with David driving near the route to provide support. This year they have an even more incredible journey underway.

Tina is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail south-to-north while David solo pedals an MTB tandem, fully loaded with a BOB trailer, along the Sierra Cascades Bicycle Route.

Their mesmerizing Pacific Crest Hike & Bike blog has lots of updates, gorgeous photos and interesting links to backcountry hiking and biking tips.

David and Tina, out there on the Pacific Crest Trail.

The fully outfitted Fandango MTB tandem weighs 125 lbs., David estimates. He has posted notes on their blog home page about it. What a setup! They meet up every day or two and use the tandem for side trips. They plan to ride back to San Diego when she completes the trail in Canada.

David and Tina's Fandango 29 MTB tandem with Rohloff hub and BOB Trailer.

Is that incredible or what? We continue to be amazed by David and Tina’s ingenuity and outdoors spirit.

Congratulations on your trip, David and Tina, and keep the blog posts coming!

David, MG and me at the end of the Double Middletown 600K permanent, a.k.a. BPB

3 thoughts on “Tina and David Lippke’s Amazing Hike&Bike Adventure

  1. hello !

    what for a frame bags on the bike ?
    please told me, who can buy the frame bags.
    thanks !

    thomas from germany

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