TwoDayTour Done! Plus, a Randy Mouri update

We’re back from our little TwoDayTour — bascically an overnighter with riding buddy Lane G. from our house in Washington, D.C. to Martinsburg, W.V. (just west of Shepherdstown). We logged 125 miles Saturday and 109 miles back home today.

In case you wonder how our rides relate to randonneuring, this was our first summer training weekend for PBP. We wanted a couple of back-to-back days of riding as our legs dictated without having to follow a prescribed route or watch the time. It fit our post-SR series mood of “just riding,” knowing that our upcoming riding weekends are going to be more structured to set up a fitness peak at PBP in August.

See my photos here, MG’s here, and Lane’s here.

The weather was humid and partly cloudy both days with temperatures in the upper 80s; hot at times but mostly pleasant if a little sweaty. Today buddies Eric P. and Jeff E. joined us in Brunswick, Md. for the miles through Leesburg, Va. and on to Potomac, where they peeled off to go home.

Historical note: we passed within a couple of miles of the U.S. Open golf tournament this afternoon as a nice fellow named Rory McIlroy was wrapping up his record-setting win. Fortunately we got past before he finished and the roads were clear of golf traffic. Normally we go right past the Congressional Country Club but this weekend we routed via other roads in the area.

We enjoyed the open road with good friends and savored an uneventful arrival back home without having to load up the car and drive. Thanks to Lane for the routing and great company.

Meanwhile, we’re continuing to follow Randy Mouri’s progress across the continent during the Race Across America.

Jeff Magunuson, whose team RAAM Racers finished first in the shorter Race Across the West to Durango, Colo., sent the photo above of Randy as he steamed past Blanca, Colo. Here’s Jeff’s quick note. As of Sunday evening Randy was through Trinidad, Colo., mile 1,129. Thanks Jeff and GO RANDY!

We passed Randy today outside Blanca, CO on our drive back to Denver. He was looking awesome and moving fast. I stopped to cheer him on then snapped this photo as we passed again. I shouted that it would be up on The Daily Randonneur.

Meanwhile, Nancy Guth’s RAAM Boomers two-woman team completed 1,323 miles to Ulysses, Kan. as of 4:30 p.m. local time. They are really going. Great job Nancy and teammate Mary Florian!

See all results at the RAAM site and Randy’s My Quest for RAAM 2011 blog.


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