DC Randonneurs on Twitter, RAAM Update and Ritchie’s new blog

I announced tonight that DC Randonneurs is now on Twitter! Check out the club and its members’ rides via the @DCRandonneurs feed. It is unofficial and mostly intended for members to keep each other informed of their ride progress during events and generally stay in touch. I hope it’s useful and fun.

MG and I are enthralled more and more by the rides underway at RAAM. Randy Mouri was just about half-way this evening as he and other racers contended with big winds and storms in Kansas. At last word Nancy Guth was in the van waiting out a storm that was too dangerous to ride through. Randy got caught in hail and suffered some helmet dents and a glancing shot to the corner of his eye, but was not put off from his ride.

Another day in the saddle for Randy. (c. Team Mouri)

We’re following Nancy and her teammate Mary Florian at their RAAM Boomers feed on Facebook. They have some amazing photos! Randy’s team is periodically updating his My Quest for RAAM 2011 site and wants your comments — they are reading them to Randy as he rides to give him extra encouragement!

Finally, we’re glad to see the new Old Man Bicycle blog from new DCR rider and retro-bike fan Ritchie Rozelle. He takes on the comment on the Velo Orange blog post about Alec Burney’s ride at the Shenandoah 1200K that started a lot of conversation.

Great to see you up and running Ritchie. We’ll be reading, in between checking RAAM updates.


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