New Jersey Day — plus Randy, Nancy and Mary RAAM Day 7

It’s New Jersey Day! Not the state, but the state of bike clothing bliss when something truly wonderful arrives in the mail.

MG and I are confirmed wool jersey fans and we just had to have the Canada Randonneurs jersey when it was offered earlier this year. They arrived today and look just great, with that nice Woolistic construction and weight. We were also impresssed that they got it to us by courier because of the Canada postal strike.

We’re also looking forward to the Pennsylvania Randonneurs jersey, also by Woolistic. There’s still time to order one if you hurry — Shane Beake is taking orders through Sunday June 26th. See more here.

I somehow managed to get the order of these jersies backwards, however. I ordered the Canada jersey in time for PBP but bought one with long sleeves (MG smartly got short sleeves), and we ordered short-sleeve Pennsylvania Randonneurs jersies but won’t get them in time for PBP. Ha!

While we’re fussing over wool, Randy Mouri, Nancy Guth and Mary Florian continue piling up the miles in the Race Across America.

As of Tuesday evening, they had begun their seventh day on the road. Randy has reached Time Station 31 in Weaubleau, Mo., mile 1,772. He has just 1,217 miles to go! Randy is steadily raising his overall average now that the desert heat and mountains are behind him.

Nancy and Mary, AKA RAAM Boomers, have reached Time Station 34 in Washington, Mo. on the western outskirts of St. Louis. They were the seventh entrant overall at that point. WOW. They have 1,034 miles to go with 1,955 behind them. Great going RB’s!

It’s going to be an exciting few days ahead as we watch these folks head into the Appalachians.


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