RAAM Weekend Ahead: Randy, Nancy & Mary getting close now

Today marked the start of Day 8 for our intrepid Race Across America riders! By all accounts they are in great shape to arrive in Annapolis this weekend.

The lead riders are starting to come in tonight. The lead male solo, Christoph Strasser, blew through Mt. Airy, Md. this evening and is heading toward the finish just 55 miles away. He’s looking to finish this evening. Incredible.

Randy Mouri was due at the Time Station in Oxford, Ohio, mile 2,376, sometime after midnight. His crew reports he is doing well but the fatigue is starting to take a toll. After Oxford he will have 613 miles (hey, that’s less than 1,000K) to go.

RAAM Boomers — Nancy Guth and Mary Florian — reached Ellenboro, W.V. earlier this evening, mile 2,609, leaving them 380 miles — or about a 600K in randonneur distance.

Randy signs autographs for the BMX/skater kids in Alton, Ill. (c. Team Mouri)

Here is crew member Earl’s latest report on Randy. He, Nancy and Mary are headed into the tough stuff now — keep up the great work riders!

Bedtime, so quickly …

Hard day for Randy. He was very tired and had a hard time getting into a sustainable rhythm. He may yet completely cross Indiana today. About 45 miles to that accomplishment.

He challenged some team riders, keeping up with them or passing them.

We had a stop and time credit because a road was closed due to a bad accident (possibly unrelated to RAAM).

Weather was once again perfect. Nice tailwind.

Many riders can’t believe this unknown guy with a big chin support can keep up with them, let alone out climb them on the hills.

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