Randy Mouri RAAM Update: Tired in Ohio

The immense physical effort of riding on little sleep for more than a week is taking its toll on our RAAM hero Randy Mouri, and from the latest crew report, all of the solo riders in his vicinity are struggling with fatigue. He got into Blanchester, Ohio this morning and had 563 miles to go; his crew is anticipating a Sunday arrival in Annapolis.

(In case you missed it, Christoph Strasser crushed the under-50 men’s solo field to win his category last night at 12:03 a.m.. He completed the 2989.5 mile-course in eight days, eight hours and six minutes. That’s an overall average of 14.94 m.p.h.)

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Randy smells the barn and gets that umpteenth wind needed at this stage. He next motors into West Virginia and hits the steep rollers of western Maryland, where he will be on familiar D.C. Randonneurs brevet roads, including the infamous uphill climb to Rt. 16 near Cove Gap and Mercersburg, Pa.

He will get a break on easier roads past the Gettysburg area on to Rouzerville and Mt. Airy, Md.

Hopefully the hills will get him revved up — we’ve seen Randy float away on the uphills during brevets and it’s a thing of beauty. Here is Earl J.’s report:

Randy rolled into Time Station 42 at about 8:20 and lingered a lot longer than we wanted him to. He and the other solo riders we encounter are very tired. We are once again trying to find the right combination of rest, nutrition, & hydration to keep him going.

Even though he is tired, he is in good spirits.



One thought on “Randy Mouri RAAM Update: Tired in Ohio

  1. I’ll be volunteering at the RAAM finish Saturday and Sunday. I look forward to seeing him come in, probably looking as fresh as he did in Oceanside.

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