RAAM Boomers are Done! Randy on the Way!

Update: George Moore has posted photos of Nancy and Mary. See them here. Maile N. has also posted finish photos. See them here. Great photos, George and Maile!

The Race Across America finish in Annapolis, Md. was graced by the arrival of RAAM Boomers team Nancy Guth and Mary Florian early today. They completed their cross-country trip in style, finishing with smiles with a time of 9 days, 9 hours, 37 minutes for an overall average of 13.02 m.p.h.

Being the only two-woman team in the 60-69 age category, they of course won the trophy. This is a true accomplishment and inspiration. Don’t slow down folks — Nancy and Mary have shown us that cycling really is a fountain of youth.

Here’s Alec Burney’s photo of the triumphant duo, smiling like they just finished a nice night ride to dinner.

With Mary and Nancy done and dusted, we turn our attention to Randy Mouri, who is digging deep to get through West Virginia today, with his eyes on a Sunday finish. He arrived in Ellenboro, W.V. last night and was due at Grafton, W.V. earlier this morning. Once he gets there just 314 miles remain ahead.

Randy and crew headed east through Ohio. (c. Team Mouri)

Randy’s crew reports they are using peppermint oil on his glove to help keep him alert! He’s riding from one Time Station to the next now — sound familiar? — knowing the finish will arrive when he gets there. We hear his crew is also having a time of it, but are hanging tough as well. Read more at his My Quest for RAAM 2011 blog.

We continue to watch closely as Randy makes his way across what could be the toughest parts of the course, given fatigue and elevation changes. According to the RAAM course notes, the section from Grafton to Keyser, W.V. is described as “A treacherous two-lane road with long steep climbs. Some precipitous drops if you go over a guard rail.”

He gets a break with moderate terrain to Cumberland, Md. then hits the heavy stuff to Hancock, Md., a control town on our 600k this year:

“The four major climbs in this section are tough. The last climb (up Sideling Hill) could be a walker. In Hancock the route is two blocks from the Potomac River. It has dropped 1,900 feet in the 90 miles since we crossed the North Branch in Gormania!

This is the most difficult section of RAAM, measured in feet of climbing per mile. Fortunately there is a bit more downhill than uphill.”

We know you can do it, Randy!


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